WATCH: This is how you pronounce Charlize Theron's surname

WATCH: This is how you pronounce Charlize Theron's surname

South African-born Hollywood actress, Charlize Theron has finally given her fans the correct pronunciation of her surname.

Charlie Theron

It seems many of us have been pronouncing award-winning actress, Charlize Theron's surname incorrectly. 

For years she has forgiven millions of her fans and industry colleagues for pronouncing "Theron" in English when it should actually be Afrikaans, even though she admitted that her surname is French. 

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The Bombshell star was asked by the hosts of The One Show to teach them how to pronounce her surname and she did. If you're one of those who've been saying "Ther-on", you've been wrong this whole time. It's pronounced like "Throne”, with a slight roll on the letter “r”.

Watch this video below for the correct pronunciation: 

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This is not the only record the Benoni-born actress is setting straight as she has vehemently made it clear that being single does not mean that she is missing out. 

The actress got candid about her relationship status while promoting her new Netflix film The Old Guard.

"I really do believe that women really make shit happen for themselves. And I think this idea of relationships sometimes... society approaches it in a sense of like, obviously that is something you need and want, and that really hasn't been the case for me, " the actress told E! News Daily POP.

So there you have it, get the name right and remember; she's enjoying the single life.

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