WATCH: How to make viral Dalgona candy from 'Squid Game’

WATCH: How to make viral Dalgona candy from 'Squid Game’

The recipe to make these for your Squid Game themed Halloween.

Viral dalgona candy
Jhayline Kim

If you have been listening to the show, you will know that we are playing Squid Game soon! Yes, but the safe one. 

After the Netflix show went absolutely viral making it to number one in 90 countries, we wanted to make fun content with it as well. 

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Someone else who thought it amazing to share some content with the trending horror series, is @audreysaurus

She shared a recipe video on TikTok on how to make the Dalgona candy seen in the show. The video has already received over nine million views on TikTok, along with more than 10 000 shares.

Dalgona candy is made by melting sugar and adding some baking soda. It is a popular toffee or caramel kind of candy that is sold by street vendors in South Korea. It is very popular among children who can eat the candy as is or try to break it into shapes.

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  • Stir one and a half tablespoons of sugar on a low-heated stove until its granules dissolve.
  • Add a pinch of baking soda to the sugar and stir it gently over the heated pan.
  • Then, pour the mixture onto a baking sheet.
  • Press it with the bottom of a glass to flatten the cookie.
  • And wait for 20 seconds.
  • Now, place the cookie cutter on top of the candy.

You can watch the video here: 


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The TikToker, @audreysaurus shared that the popular street food in South Korea is relatively cheap to create. 

 And she did not lie! So, if you are a bake who can make these for Darren, Keri and Sky simply contact (+27) 72 628 9447.

We want to surprise them with a challenge they have got to play similar to Squid Game but without the violence. 

Otherwise, for you and your friends, safely enjoy the candy!

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