WATCH: Gift of Givers offers a helping hand to Tongaat residents

WATCH: Gift of Givers offers a helping hand to Tongaat residents

NGO offers the gift that just keeps on giving for KZN residents...

Gift of the Givers is a proud NPO that offers helping hand always
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Residents in Tongaat have received 15 boreholes within the area thanks to Gift of Givers. These boreholes have been placed at schools and temple yards. 

They yield between 1,500 and 7,200 litres of water per hour. This week will mark two months without water for some residents of Tongaat. Residents have held two protests calling for running water to be restored.

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While some residents had success last week, to date there are still some areas without water in Tongaat, as well as other parts of KwaZulu-Natal.

Martyn Landmann from Gift of the Givers said the boreholes have been installed all over so that communities can access water easily. However, there was an important message he had mentioned regarding the water.

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"The water is not meant for consumption but for rather using it for other needs like washing dishes, clothes, basic hygiene needs, toilets etc." 

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