WATCH: Free climber scales 116m tall Barcelona hotel without any safety equipment!

WATCH: Free climber scales 116m tall Barcelona hotel without any safety equipment!

In the immortal words of Hannah Montana: "Ain't about what's waiting on the other side, it's the climb..."

George King climb

In 2019, George King climbed the highest tower in the United Kingdom, The Shard.

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The Shard is a massive 309m tall and has 72 floors, making it the seventh tallest building in Europe.

The Shard

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George is a free climber who decided to scale the building without using any equipment or tools, although he did use suction cups while getting up the lower sections.

Naturally, when he finally made it down again, he was swiftly arrested and taken to a young offenders' centre where he was supposed to serve six months but he was released after 12 weeks. In January 2020, he was officially a free man once again.

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And apparently, the 21-year-old from Oxford, England, had only one thing on his mind.

To do it all again.

He has been traveling around Europe and is back to his old ways.

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In December, he climbed the Agbar Tower in Barcelona, Spain, which isn't as tall as The Shard but it is still a very impressive 144.4 metres.

But he was not done with Barcelona yet and his latest climb has once again caught the attention of the masses (and the authorities).

On the 2nd of April, George set off to climb the Melia Barcelona Sky Hotel which stands at a comfortable 116 metres.

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Crowds had gathered and were cheering him on while he, once again, scaled the side of the skyscraper with zero equipment, using only his hands, feet, and limbs to grab and hold on to the building.

The building's design also lent it to be the perfect free-climbing subject. The section he decided to climb had vertical beams that he could wrap his arms around and the panels on the building's side were positioned in such a way that his fingers and feet had a bunch of useful ledges all the way to the top.

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You can watch the video below to see how he does it:

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King accomplished his goal in 20 minutes but was also met with official local authorities when he made it to the ground floor. He was arrested and is facing a fine.

While many of you are probably thinking the same thing: "Why does he do it? Are the climb and the rush worth the fine and arrest?"

Apparently so:

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It seems like there is nothing that could ever really stand between King and the building he sets his eyes on.

Except maybe developing a fear of heights.

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Main image courtesy of @LaOpcion/Twitter

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