Five times animals hilariously interrupted sports games

WATCH: Five times animals hilariously interrupted sports games

Most outdoor sports require a fairly large open playing space, which are known to attract animals that interrupt play right when the adrenaline is pumping. From alpacas to cats and squirrels, these adorable creatures also wanted to join in on the fun.

Dog playing football

A football game between Carlton Athletic and Ilkley Town in West Yorkshire on Saturday had to go on an impromptu break when an alpaca galloped onto the field. According to reports, Oscar made his way from a nearby farm and it was not the first time that he has been spotted during a Carlton game. 

The animal game stepped up a notch in July 2019 during the Leagues Cup clash between Real Salt Lake and Tigres UANL at Rio Tinto Stadium in America when a cat not only entered the field during play, but also made an outstanding run in the channel and all the way to goal while a Tigres player attempted to dribble along the sideline - a true striker.

In a recent attempt to grab the number one spot, another feline was caught on camera during a race. The stray cat ran straight across the track as athletes were about to cross the line during the final of the 100 meters at the Balkan U20 Men's Athletics Championship in Istanbul last week. 

Crazy scenes when a squirrel ran right through the legs of baseball player Max Kepler as he took the lead off first base. The Minnesota Twins were at a 3-3 tie against the White Sox in the bottom of the fifth when this happened last year.

During the first day of the first Test between Sri Lanka and South Africa in Galle, a furry spectator decided to join in on proceedings. The commentators couldn't help themselves.

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