WATCH: The final DKS #ECRMoreMusicMarch live performance featuring Cantrel

WATCH: The final DKS #ECRMoreMusicMarch live performance featuring Cantrel

The Darren, Keri, and Sky live performances are coming to an end, but not without one BIG grand finale!

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#ECRMoreMusicMarch has been quite the journey!

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There have been so many incredible artists joining us for beautiful, fun, and exciting live performances throughout the month.

Although DKS are ending it off with a bang, courtesy of Cantrel, don't go anywhere! There's still a lot more coming your way throughout the day.

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Now just in case you don't know this stellar local collective called Cantrel, we just have to ask: how?

Cantrel is the brainchild of local music legend, and Durban local, Neil Breytenbach who you might recognise from another pretty popular band, Prime Circle.

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While Neil is still an active member of Prime Circle, like many other artists, he wanted to expand his musical horisons and branch out.

And so, in 2015, Cantrel was born.

Led by Neil, who is an amazingly talented producer, keyboardist, and songwriter, this is not your average, run-of-the-mill band, performer, or group.

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Cantrel describes itself as a "songwriter, producer/vocal-collective concept" and what started out as a creative outlet has turned into a commercial reality called, The Cantrel Collective.

Taking inspiration from legendary musicians like Muse, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and even a few more modern bands such as Twenty One Pilots, Cantrel has blended together pop, rock, hip hop, and even a little bit of alternative.

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By doing so, they have stayed true to who they are as musicians by crafting a completely unique genre of their own.

Enough talking because it's time for Cantrel to do what they do best!

Get ready to kick-off your weekend the right way as Neil, along with his son Jesse, entertain you with three Cantrel songs, straight off their brand new EP, 'Chains'.

Watch the full performance right here:

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  1. Chains
  2. Without Love
  3. Runaway

All songs were written and produced by Neil Breytenbach.

'Chains' written by Neil Breytenbach and Josh Ansley

Thank you, Neil and Jesse, for providing us with some great tunes. We're going to be watching this performance on repeat all weekend long!

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Main image courtesy of @NeilBreytenbach/Twitter

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