WATCH: Fake influencer lifestyle exposed

WATCH: Fake influencer lifestyle exposed

This video is the epitome of the proverb "not all that glitters is gold."

Influencer shooting a vlog / iStock
Influencer shooting a vlog / iStock

Private jets, exotic holiday resorts, fancy cars, and expensive clothes - this is what you're likely to see on the average Instagram feed of an influencer who has thousands upon thousands of followers. 

But is it all real? Better yet, is the experience real?

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YouTuber Natalia Taylor is no stranger to testing the influencer lifestyle in a bid to expose just how fake it is.

A huge craze right now among many influencers is the Private Jet Experience where the set showcases faux leather seats, plane style windows, and a plush carpet.

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Many people see this on social media and think that their favourite influence is 'living their best life', but in a recent YouTube video, Taylor says: "As we all know if you are caught riding in a private jet, it is the epitome of luxury. I've never ridden in a private jet. I've never even been inside one, and neither has the majority of most people. According to this article, it costs around $7000 to ride in a private jet, so the vast majority of humanity, it is unachievable. It is not reality."

Watch the video below:

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