Watch: Ethekwini firemen assist six-year-old boy stuck between staircase panel

WATCH: Ethekwini firemen assist six-year-old boy stuck between staircase panel

The little boy got his leg stuck between two wooden staircase panels at his Manor Gardens home.

Nicholas Horn

The father of a Durban boy has taken to social media to thank the Ethekwini fire department for responding swiftly to his call to free his son, whose leg was stuck between two staircase panels at their home.

"Thank you to the amazing team from the Fire Dept. Nicholas is well and just his chilling self. Circulation in his leg looks to have returned to normal. Thank you Mike Myers and the team from MobiClaw911. I made 1 phone call and they did the rest. Thank you for the awesome service. Makes a huge difference when you can keep everyone calm and not have to stress and you know emergency services will be dispatched. Thanks again," Janus Horn wrote.

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According to Horn, due to their home being renovated, some rooms are out of use. This means that the only toilet in use is the one upstairs. When his wife and son were walking up the stairs, his son's leg became trapped between two panel boards on the stairs.

"He also has low muscle tone. He more than likely relaxed or twisted his ankle to somehow make it fit and then pushed it down as far as he can. Once he was in, you could not even move him a bit, " he added.

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Horn hailed the heroic efforts of the Ethekwini firemen and said that it only took them 15 minutes to arrive - his son was stuck for approximately 25 minutes. 

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IMAGE CREDIT: Facebook/JanusHorn

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