WATCH: "Don't ruin this moment" - a marriage proposal

WATCH: "Don't ruin this moment" - a marriage proposal

Wedding season is upon the people on planet Earth. Something must be in the air. But what do we do about those friends who just ruin the most romantic planned proposal moments? 

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In this video, a group of friends and family work together to make a marriage proposal work. One of the friends or sisters is dealt with in such an unexpected way to avoid her ruining the special moment. 

If Keri Miller was at Darren Maule's proposal that night, we know she would have screamed, "Oh my gosh", at least 20 times before believing the moment was truly happening. The same can be said about the lady in this video. As she stood with the bride-to-be and another friend in a circle; backs turned to the man on bended knee, it seems all three had no idea what was about to happen. 

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It unfolded as a smooth proposal. Thanks to how they dealt with this woman: 


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A lot of people on social media are finding this completely necessary, as one can see she was really shocked by this moment. 

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Thanks to her husband and the group that planned this, they fortunately know and understand the kind of person she is.

Have you seen Darren Maule's proposal video? 

Take a look here: 

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We can all agree that marriage proposals deserve to be special and romantic. The only drama necessary is from the bride-to-be, because this is hers and her partner's moment before everything changes and they officially lawfully begin a life together. 


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