Watch: Darren Maule's encounter with three pythons

Watch: Darren Maule's encounter with three pythons

Darren's daughter asked for a pet snake, but he's kind of scared of them. We called in Dingo the snake expert to help Darren conquer his fear.

Darren with a python
Lisanne Lazarus

All week long, Darren has been asking you, KZN, for advice on his recent daddy dilemma. 

His baby girl wants a pet snake but Darren thinks that she should rather get a puppy, a kitten or even a goldfish. Nope, not according to little Miss Maule. 

So because majority ruled on Darren getting his daughter a pet snake, he agreed, but on one condition - his daughter is able to take care of and nurse the snake's food. 

The snake obviously eats mice, which is Darren's point in all of this. If she could name, clothe, and feed these mice for a week, then feed them to a snake, she could keep the snake. 

However, people said that Darren was being a bit unreasonable with his request, so we've called in a snake expert to educate Darren a bit more on snakes. 

Take a look the pictures below where the team meets with three ball pythons. Swipe left.

Mouse was also here and she thouroughly enjoyed her encounter with the pythons. 

Well, it looks like Darren is getting his daughter a pet snake!

Thank you to Dingo for bringing in the snakes and controlling them!

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