East Coast Radio commemorates 16 Days Of Activism in a very moving video

East Coast Radio commemorates 16 Days Of Activism in a very moving video

A powerful video by some of East Coast Radio’s female presenters has been released on the final day of the 16 Days of Activism against women and child abuse.

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Watch the 16 Days Of Activism video below. Warning: This video is not for sensitive viewers

In the very touching PSA (public service announcement) you will see East Coast Breakfast's Keri Miller, Jane Linley-Thomas, East Coast Urban's Thandolwethu and Jayshree Parasuramen like never before. Abuse is not just physical, it is psychological and verbal too, which is the basis of the very emotive and graphic video.

The production of this video required each presenter to put themselves in shoes of an abused woman and really dig deep, emotionally.

“Doing the video was a difficult one. It shook me to my core. I find it so alarming that I’m just a small percentage of those who have never been a victim of domestic violence. When looking at the statistics it’s so devastating and it’s time for people to stand out and stand in their light and in their voice,” said Jane Linley-Thomas.

“Doing this video made me realize that every woman in South Africa has either been abused or knows someone that has been. I am honoured to have been an instrument to change and encouraging others to stand up against silence. Like Maya Angelou wrote, we come as one, but we stand as 10 000, this is the impact our video has,” said Jayshree Parasuramen.

The video was produced by East Coast Radio’s Daytime Producer, Zama Dlamini who said that the idea for the video came from her very strong interest in the safety, security and progression of a girl child. “Over the years I found that the messaging has become very redundant and not conveying the reality of abuse. Unfortunately, we live in a violent society and that’s why I chose to go with something very hard-hitting and unnerving to convey the message that this needs to stop. Using the presenters who most of our listeners know to be jolly or happy really tapped into the raw side of what millions of South Africans go through every day,” said Zama Dlamini.

It may be the last day of the official 16 Days Of Activism campaign but East Coast Radio believes this is truly an issue we should be cognisant of 365 days of the year.

This video was captured and edited by ECTV.

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