WARNING: Men - don't try this without your partner!

WARNING: Men - don't try this without your partner!

Or you can if you want to lose your eyebrows and look like this guy...

Self-care gone wrong

A Scottish man decided to treat himself and do a little beauty treatment when he applied a mask on his face, but the results were not what he had hoped for.

John Meechan applied a black charcoal mask all over his face — even his eyebrows, upper lips, and beard. And when the time came to take it off, he realised just how sticky it is. 

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In the video, which was posted by his partner, Tracy, who helps him take the mask off, he can be heard saying, "I better have eyebrows,” while wincing in pain. 

The video was shared on Facebook by Tracy with the caption, “So John rocks in the room all proud of himself he’s put a mask on scared the shite out of me but then realise he’s slapped it all over his eyebrows lips and beard."

Disclaimer: Strong language, viewer discretion is advised

Talk about self-care gone wrong!

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IMAGE CREDIT: Twitter/Julietteandraj

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