Want a legit pool you can pack away? This here is a great one!

Want a legit pool you can pack away? This here is a great one!

The heat this summer calls for this kind of vibe! 

Portable pool
Binlaanie Portable Pools

Like many people during lockdown, Dan Golder got extremely creative and started an innovative business for himself. 

"We were sitting here during lockdown, sweating, I think it was a 42-degree day," Golder shared. That was the moment he thought to create the portable pool you can see below. 

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We all know how terribly scorching the weather in South Africa can get, right? 

He and his family created their portable pool using the wine industry's harvest bin and turning it into a robust wooden crate with wheels.

It is not the inflatable pool you see at kids' parties. You don't have to worry about popping it and deflating it. 

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It is somewhat a real life pool you can take anywhere... 

Pool portable
Binlaanie Portable Pools

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Binlaanie Portable Pools, which is promoted almost entirely through social media channels like Facebook and Instagram, has sold almost 20 units in less than eight months, helped along by recent record-breaking temperatures across the Western Cape.

They are still only making their sales in Cape Town and surrounding areas. There is no doubt they will be expanding soon! 

The "Duklaanie" pool has wheels and can be moved around while full of water. It costs R9,830. The "Mainlaanie" doesn't have wheels and costs R7,860.

Are you keen? We are! 

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Main Image Courtesy: Binlaanie Portable Pools

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