Vic Naidoo takes a seat on Keri's Couch

Vic Naidoo takes a seat on Keri's Couch

"He is gentle but strong, and his authenticity is very comforting," says Keri Miller.

keri and vic

Vic and I had never met before he joined ECR, but he has that air about him that makes you feel like you've known him for ages. 

Vic had opened up about his dad last Friday on-air, so we chatted a bit about that right off the bat. Anyone who has ever had an absent parent will relate big time. 

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Vic also opened up about his schooling in Durban. He didn't initially want to tell me where he went to school, but if you listen to the podcast you will hear... I got him to tell me right at the end. 

We also find out whose lips are on his bum and what the deal is with him and deep water. 

Vic is a genuinely nice guy and in such a short time he already feels like part of the family.

Welcome to the ECR family, Vic!

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