UPDATE: We catch up with Operation Bobbi Bear following the previous contribution

UPDATE: We catch up with Operation Bobbi Bear following the previous contribution

The Big Favour made a huge contribution possible for this NGO in Amanzimtoti.

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When we stretch our hands out to other people and organisations, you seldom hear what happens after the fact. Today we share the heartwarming journey of the non-profit organisation, Operation Bobbi Bear. 

They are an NGO that had a hard time following the COVID-19 regulations that saw businesses which helped them shut down. More especially for the children they have brought in from the unsafe spaces they had been in. 

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The organisation has been operating for more than 21 years, led by Eureka Olivier. They take children who are being physically and sexually abused and give them a safer home. 

South Africa is in dire need of more spaces like Operation Bobbi Bear because in the past nine years, reported cases of child sexual abuse has increased by over 400%. In our province, it is estimated that 51% of adults between 16 and 45 years are HIV+. Since this is the perpetrator age group for sexual abuse, child victims are at risk of contracting HIV.

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Workforce Staffing and Worldwide Staffing saw the importance of this organisation in Amanzimtoti and contributed greatly to Operation Bobbi Bear a month ago

Today, we had the chance to hear how they were aided by the donations. We also got to hear the most recent cases at their organisation. 

Take a listen: 

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This is exactly what The Big Favour is about - joy, community, safety, justice, and love.

If you are a business or organisation in a similar situation, The Big Favour is here for you. 

Simply click here to ask for help. 

You can also make a donation if you are willing and capable to aid someone who might really need it. Simply click here



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