UPDATE: Keri's 'lights out' bill was miscalculated, she owes more

UPDATE: Keri's 'lights out' bill was miscalculated, she owes more

Keri Miller is already having a bad December and it just got worse as her electricity woes are piling up.

Keri Miller
Keri Miller

It never rains but it pours for Keri Miller. After settling her debt - as per a bill sent to her last week by her local Municipality about a hefty electricity bill - another letter arrived in the mail.

"I've paid R11,500 and now they are saying I underpaid. They sent me this crazy table with what is owed and it's all over the place," she tells us.

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In case you missed it, here's what happened.

Last week, Keri was told that her lights will be cut off by Monday, the 7th of December, if she does not settle her bill. What made Keri very upset is that she had been paying her monthly bill and has never missed a single payment for all eleven months at her place. So how did she arrive at R11,500 in just eleven months?

Listen as she gives all the details.  

When Keri and the Breakfast team realised that many other people were in the same predicament and did not know what to do, ECR Consumerwatch's Wendy Knowler stepped in and investigated.

"If you don’t pay, you go into arrears and that means the amount you owe shoots up with the addition of interest and costs. However, there is some relief for those in that situation," Wendy Knowler said

Listen to the solutions Wendy Knowler offered below.


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