Not 1, but 2 black mambas in Durban couple's bedroom!

Not 1, but 2 black mambas in Durban couple's bedroom!

In the thick of mamba mating season, a Durban man spotted a black mamba snake slithering into his bedroom. Little did he know, it wasn't just one black mamba, but a happy couple.

Snake Rescue episode 4
Nick Evans

Two extremely venomous snakes on honeymoon in his Inanda house!

Nick recalls: "The man's house was about a 50 minute drive from me, so it wasn't exactly around the corner. That wasn't the frustrating part. What was frustrating, was that it came 8 hours or so before I needed to be at a hall just a few hundred meters from the caller’s house, for a snake safety talk I was giving! So I needed to decide, do I wait till morning and make one trip there? Or go at midnight and return early the next morning? It seemed like a waste of petrol. And I wasn't totally convinced the snake I was being called for was something venomous, i.e., something that urgently needed removing. Decisions, decisions!"

Listen below to find out how the saga turned out in Episode 4 of Snake Rescue with Nick Evans...

Black Mamba in the bedroom
Nick Evans
Black Mamba in the bedroom 2
Nick Evans

Missed Episode 2 which was titled: "Two mambas in less than two months for Reservoir Hills family"

Find out how Nick Evans sorted that situation out by listening below.

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