Tribute to Sarel Marais on Darren, Keri, and Sky

Tribute to Sarel Marais on Darren, Keri, and Sky

The former radio presenter and first voice on-air on East Coast Radio, previously known as Radio Portal, passed away this week. 

Sarel Marais

Sarel Marais was the first announcer on our radio station years ago before it was sold and renamed East Coast Radio. 

As the 1960s approached, the SABC was rapidly developing, a brand new building was built and called the "Broadcasting House" situated in 100 Fort Road and was officially opened on 21 August 2021. Radio Port Natal was able to carry out its first official first broadcast from the new building on May 1967. The first male voice on the radio was Sarel Marais and the female voice was Laetitia Vorster. 

In this tribute, take a listen to how radio sounded back in the 60s: 

We were able to get you more audio from the 1960s, radio sounded way different than it does right now: 

Radio Port Natal was sold and became East Coast Radio on 01 July 1994.

The fallen radio presenter had a passion for radio and implemented creative ways for people to listen and engage with radio content. 

Sarel Marais discovered the famous Afrikaans singer, Cora Marie, who also worked at a regional radio station, Radio Hoëveld, in the late 70's. He gave her the nickname "Bossiekop" and played her song "Gee Haar 'n Roos" one Tuesday evening. He thought that people wouldn't listen to the radio while 'Dallas', the American series, was on played on TV, but the song exploded, becoming part of Afrikaans music royalty.

He worked with the likes of the late Jeanette Hanekom, Isabel van der Linde, and Les Franken.

He was the opening act to what is now an internationally-acclaimed radio station and we continue the show and say, may his soul rest in peace. 


Main Image: Pexels

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