Toddler's homework complaint to Prime Minister makes a change

Toddler's homework complaint to Prime Minister makes a change

When adults complain and protest, officials do nothing, but this toddler got a prompt response after a complaint on social media. 

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In a tweet by @NamrataWakhloo, a six-year-old girl sends a video message to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressing him about the load of homework during online classes. The video has now gone viral with the little girl pleading with the PM to alleviate school kids' workload. 

The popular video has been viewed over six-million times. 

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It was shocking to see Manoj Sinha, the Lieutenant Governor of Jammu and Kashmir - the state in which the little girl falls, engage with her and describe the video as an "adorable complaint". The official communicated via Twitter that he had directed the complaint to the School Education Department to send a policy in two days to ease the load of homework on school students. 

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The sharpness of this office is probably something foreign to South Africans. We are faced with multiple service delivery inadequacies in the country from loadshedding to unemployment to misuse of funds by the people in power. The list is endless and tweets and protest bring no change. It might just be time we attempt the method of kids sharing their grievances online. What do you think?

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In rough translation, the toddler greeted the prime minister respectfully then continued to complain about the homework given to them on Zoom classes. She further talks about the length of her classes from 10am to 2pm. According to her, their load of homework is fitting for grade 6, 7 and 10 learners. 


The video captivated a couple of people because of her cuteness. Have a look at the reactions:

Fortunately, the little girl's plea was considered and amendments have been put to place. The children's daily online classes time have been limited to a maximum of one and half hours for class Grades 1 to 8, spread across two sessions.

What a way to change the education system at only six years of age. Her work is revolutionary! 

What South Africans can probably take from this is an effective way to communicate with the government - the children might just be the answer. 


Image Courtesy: @NamrathaWakhloo Screenshot

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