TikTok removes account of girl accused of sister's murder

TikTok removes account of girl accused of sister's murder

Watching a true-crime series or listening to a podcast is one thing, but watching a possible murderer do a trendy dance is a whole either type of wrong...

Claie Miller

Claire Miller was just another normal teenager who was living her best TikTok life.

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She was moderately popular on the app, as she garnered a fair amount of views, a few hundred likes, and over 32,000 followers.

However, on Sunday the 28th of February, her videos, which frequently featured her family, amassed an insane amount of views.

Videos that had sat at a few thousand views rocketed up to reach millions, with one of her videos reaching 4.9-million views.

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The reason behind her sudden rise to fame?

She had been arrested for the murder of her sister.

TikTok is also known for being a popular platform for true-crime sleuths who tend to take investigations into their own hands, although they have been known to make wrongful accusations.

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Naturally, after the news of Claire's arrest broke, users flocked to her account, which led to TikTok promptly removing her account for violating the Community Guidelines, as it states that they prohibit users "who promote or are engaged in violence".

According to the official arrest affidavit, which was reviewed by Insider, the teen admitted to murdering her sister, after she called 911 sounding hysterical.

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Manheim Township Police Chief Tom Rudzinski said that when the police arrived at the scene, Claire was repeatedly saying that she had stabbed her sister and they did find a large knife in her sister Helen's neck.

The local country coroner said that the autopsy revealed that Helen Miller had died of multiple stab wounds.

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Helen had cerebral palsy and was wheelchair-bound. Allegedly, she had a wonderful relationship with her sister, and other family members, which has left the local authorities very confused as to what the possible trigger might have been.

Claire is currently in police custody and is being charged as an adult, as the state of Pennsylvania does not consider homicide a delinquent act.

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While it is a tragic story, hopefully, justice will be served and the parents will be able to heal.

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