These rare gems look so good they'll make you hungry!

These rare gems look so good they'll make you hungry!

A chicken tender, a potato, a cheesecake - this is not a lunch menu, but precious stones that have been discovered over the years.

Chicken that looks like crystal
Twitter/ GarlicPowder

More often than not, crystals are beautiful gems that sparkle, but sometimes we come across very rare gems that will whet your appetite. This was the case when a woman discovered a crystal that had us thinking 'it's finger lickin' good"

Amelia Rude, who runs a bracelet business in Indiana, U.S.A broke the internet when she found a gemstone that looks like a piece of fried chicken.

In a video that she shared on Instagram, she wrote: "Good morning from me & my chicken tender crystal who is looking particularly edible today."

Soon, a picture of the stone (which was identified as a red calcite cluster) went viral on Twitter with over 53 200 retweets and 284 300 likes.

What's even more interesting is that this is not the only gemstone that looks so good you'd want to eat it. Over the years, stones that look like a potato, a chicken breast, and even a cheesecake have been discovered.

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