The team encourage KZN to join the #210ForWiseman challenge

The team encourage KZN to join the #210ForWiseman challenge

South Africans rally together after Sphamandla "Wiseman" Ndabezitha was humiliated by a customer.

Wiseman prank video

In the video that emerged on Twitter recently, one can hear the driver of a vehicle say "two ten" to the petrol attendant, 'Wiseman', who subsequently fills the car with R210 worth of petrol. 

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You then later see the driver give Wiseman two R10 notes. This stunned Wiseman after hearing the driver say he meant he had two R10 notes and wanted R20 petrol. The driver was not willing to budge and made it seem as if Wiseman had heard him incorrectly.

According to reports, the driver thought the company would deduct the money from the attendant, but instead, his manager paid the bill for him. 

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After the video went viral, Twitter users were not in support of the prank and instead decided to support Wiseman and help him out. Founder of the #CountryDuty movement, Tumi Sole, reached out to Wiseman, got his bank details, and that sparked the beginning of #210ForWiseman. 

Darren, Keri, and Sky wanted to do their bit too and find out how Wiseman is doing after the incident. Let's show bullies that they will not get away with hurting people. 

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KZN, if you would like to help this amazing young man, who handled the incident with a calm mind, here are his banking details:

Bank: Nedbank 

 Account no: 1169324568 

Account Type Current account

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