The huge 'Russians' misunderstanding has been cleared with Putin

The huge 'Russians' misunderstanding has been cleared with Putin

There is nothing better than eating 'russians' - Putin or not. 

Russian being eaten
Reedy Update YouTube Screenshot

Remember we shared a video showing a confused Russian YouTuber watching a video that was received without some context from a South African? Yes, the one that had Russians believing we might be eating them. 

In our defence, yes, we are eating 'russians' and we absolutely love them. We could arguably state that the best South African breakfasts include 'russians'. People in other countries might call it a 'frankfurter' or simply a 'vienna' (another destination, this does not help). 

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Anyway, back to the point - the video received attention globally as Russians were now on alert in terms of "Are we safe?"

Here is the video that went viral and got the Russians fearful for their lives:

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So, it further emerged that there are actually people being interviewed and claiming to have lost their family members. Who is the first suspect? Obviously us, especially after that video. 

This Chinese newspaper, The Political China, emerged with another video which indicated an interview between a Russian mother and a journalist. In the background, one can also see protest action from fellow Russian citizens regarding these 'cannibals'. 

In the video, the mother shares that her son left for Bedfordview, which is in South Africa, many years ago and has not yet returned home. The missing start-up bar owner was shared to now be a possible victim of our inhumane acts. 

This is so mind-blowing because we need a liaison to communicate this confusion.

Fortunately, we have someone who is willing to be that person to clear up this entire mess:

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We thank this amazing lady, Coconut Kelz, for taking it upon herself to clear the air with Putin and save South Africa from what could have been the worst thing we have seen since COVID-19. 

These Eskort russians are what make breakfasts worthwhile and amazing for South Africans. The juicy, greasy, and delicious 'russians' have so many of us going for seconds. 

Have a look at official clarification video emerging as an ad:

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So, no, Putin and your nation of Russians; it's not you we devour. It's these Eskort russians!


Main Image Courtesy: Eskort YouTube Screenshot

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