The Best of June on DKS

The Best of June on DKS

June has been an eventful month from secret weddings, diamonds in KwaHlatini, Durban Deadpool to helicopter rides and iPads going MIA. 

Darren, Keri and Sky
East Coast Breakfast

We are done with the first six months of 2021, still in lockdown, but amazing nonetheless. Let's just take a moment to look back at moments from the month of June and applaud, cry, celebrate, and laugh because it was truly a rollercoaster. 

We kicked the month off with Sky making the official statement that he will be going sober for the entire month. It came as a little shock to Darren and Keri, as it was abrupt and they never expected it. Our favourite sports presenter shared that it would be a chance to challenge himself and practice self-discipline. 

Have a listen:

Take a look at Sky's transformation between June and July in the full story

Remember that one time there was a truck that overturned on the M13, R103, and M7 in Ashburton? People spent the night in their cars. When we arrived to the show the next morning of June 3, we asked anyone who was stuck on the highway to give us a call. 

Neil Sivalingum made that call and shared with us exactly how he explained to his wife that he was "stuck in traffic" for 11 hours: 

The family man fortunately made it back home. Have a look at what his wife had to say about this in the full story.

Then 9th of June happened! What happened on that day? First of all, a lot. 

Have a listen to how we energetically kicked off the show on this day (as we should have): 

It was basically Christmas in the studio as a flood of gifts kept pouring in for our main man. Have a look at how many different organisations came through to show Darren some love in the full story.

'Fun in the Sky with Keri & Sky' sounds like a show on its own, right? It kind of was actually; for a short three hours as they both made their way to Whetstone Primary School to complete and share the one last bit of Jemimah Elise Sampson's prizes for winning Last Kid Standing - Spelling Bee Edition. 

Find out if Darren managed in studio all by himself: 

Keri and Sky had the most magical view of the sun while on the helicopter. We were able to capture that for you. We were also so taken aback by the warm reception at Whetsone Primary in Phoenix. 

Take a look at the beauty, the fun, and the joy in the full story.

And boom! 

Just when we thought he would never, he did. Oh, he really said, "I do", to his Anna Banana. He had been hinting and alluding to marriage in so many of his jokes, but his Keri and Sky did not read as much into it. Well...

Darren Maule got married in a secret wedding and told absolutely no one. Here's how he explained not telling the team, at least: 

You have got to see the beautiful wedding bands of the newly-married couple. Top tier! Take a look at the wedding pictures here. 

How are you doing so far? It's been a long great one, right? We are almost at the end. 

Now, just a few weeks ago, people in Ladysmith and surrounding areas flooded to a village to dig for 'diamonds'. The story continued for a long two to three weeks, with certain tests being done to determine whether or not people had scored a jackpot with the 'diamond' discovery. 


Read the full story to see the reactions of elated people excited to have their hands on 'diamonds'. Also find out how fortunate they were in finding these stones at the end. 

In the month of May, South Africa experienced 'Spider-Man'. Every second birthday party or event featured someone in a Spider-Man costume dancing. That was not bad. 

But we found someone way better - Deadpool! Durban has its own superhero. Here is everything you need to know about him: 

The young man has has taken over social media and the streets of Durban. Click here to find out spots you are likely to meet him. 

June 2021 has certainly been a memorable one. We hope for more fun, more celebrations, and more content you'll enjoy! 


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