The Thando Labantwana Creche is in desperate need of help

The Thando Labantwana Creche is in desperate need of help

The Thando Labantwana Creche is the heartbeat of the Emalangeni Area in Hammarsdale. The little creche is home to at least 30 children, who are in desperate need of some TLC. Gogo Sibongile Shange is the driving force behind this special place, but it needs all our help.

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Listen to the interview or read the story below:

Gogo Shange, who opened the creche in 2007, is in desperate need of assistance to uplift it. 

The building is incomplete - it needs ceilings, electricity, and plumbing, and there is a complete lack of sanitation and educational equipment. With little or no resources, Gogo Shange and the young teachers who assist her have registered as an NPO, got all their necessary ECD documents in place, however, this has not guaranteed or granted them any assistance.

The existing structure is a small, old RDP house consisting of four small rooms, which are all in dire need of uplifting. The smaller of the rooms has three potties, which is being used for storage and ‘toilets’ for the children.

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The main classroom needs to be scraped, replastered, damp sealed, and painted, whilst ceilings need to be reinstalled throughout the building.

The third room - where the babies nap, has a double bed, which is not a safe option for babies who are starting to get mobile. It is also used as a further storage area.

The yard on the level of the building is not fenced off, which poses a security risk for the children to play outside. There is also no outdoor equipment to help with development of gross motor skills.

Despite the poor conditions, Gogo Shange and her teachers' love for their little learners was so visible when we visited, and the little ones were so warm and receptive to us!

To help uplift Thando Labantawa Creche and create a safe haven for the children, we are appealing to you for assistance!

For R10 you can buy a brick to help uplift this creche, donate money using the following methods:

Scan the QR code:

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Or by a direct deposit:

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