Talk of racism brings listener to tears

Talk of racism brings listener to tears

After Wednesday's racism talk on The Good, Bad and Ugly, we received a lot of hate mail, but this email that Darren received made it all worth it.

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Take a listen to our chat with 'Sarah' - a victim of racial slurs, or read the details under the podcast.

On Wednesday, Terence Pillay discussed the extent of racism in South Africa and even referenced his own experiences.

Read: “I’ll stop talking about racism when racism stops!”

With the recent spate of racism we keep seeing on social media, especially after Adam Catzavelos posted a video of himself on a Greek beach, we felt the topic needed to be dissected on air.

After Darren and Terence's discussion on air, we had an immense response, but this email that was sent to Darren really pulled on our heart strings.

Here is the email:

Racist email

This got us thinking that things like this happen daily. Racism is still around and it's still prevalent. 

No one should be labelled according to their skin colour, the texture of their hair or the language that they speak. 

Racism needs to end. Ubuntu needs to be taught more. We need to stand up and celebrate the incredible diversity we share in South Africa. 

If you have experienced any form of racism and would like to report it then contact the South African Human Rights Commission

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