Talk about wedding drama, crazy ex girlfriend crashes wedding

Talk about wedding drama, crazy ex girlfriend crashes wedding

We've always heard that when there is a wedding, there is always drama. But for this couple, they surely weren't expecting a crazy ex-girlfriend to crash their wedding.

crazy ex girlfriend
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Weddings are meant to be a celebration of love with families and friends. There is the occasional drama of family quarrels and fighting and the obvious discussion of who looked the best, and if the bride's gown was beautiful enough. 

Then there's the mandatory discussion if the food was tasty. But what happened during this couple's wedding was completely unexpected. Whilst the ceremony was going on, there seemed to be chaos going on outside when they heard the grooms named being yelled out, the crazy ex-girlfriend is seen approaching the newlyweds and close enough to slap her ex as he guards himself against her blows.

Luckily, she was pulled away and removed. Details of who the couple and girl is were not disclosed.

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