Sweet, spicy or both? KFC's new doughnut zinger burger receives mixed reaction

Sweet, spicy or both? KFC's new doughnut zinger burger receives mixed reaction

"That is just wrong" - Darren Maule.

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If you have not seen it yet, KFC SA's new doughnut zinger burger has been doing the rounds on social media. This is following the launch of their pop-up at The Zone in Rosebank last week.

This weird food combination is definitely an acquired taste - only for the sweet and sour kind of people.  

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One of those people is Keri Miller. Actually, pre-healthy Keri Miller just to be more accurate. She enjoys the mix of a sweet and salt kind of sandwich or meal. Unfortunately, she would not go for it currently. 

The burger features your favourite glazed doughnuts with a KFC zinger breast in the middle to create a burger.

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The doughnut and KFC burger trend is already a thing in other KFCs around the world. So, it was only a matter of time before South Africa jumped on the bandwagon.

Mixed emotions in the studio all round. 

The pop-up called Kentucky Town also introduced crispy chicken skins. 

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As expected, social media users were quick to comment on the new addition to the menu with the same mixed reaction we had. 

“Haibo I don’t remember anybody asking for this? Go and do your research again,” commented one user.

Well, here's something. Early Breakfast's Mike V, who runs the team's desk, gives these treats a thumbs up! 

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The limited edition menu items are currently only available at Kentucky Town until 5 December 2021. Are you in Gauteng or heading there soon? Then make your way to Rosebank and let us know how these taste. 

For now we wait to see if these items will be available in KZN...


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