Students' safety compromised and trip cancelations - Wendy Knowler investigates

Students' safety compromised and trip cancellations - Wendy Knowler investigates

It’s Christmas time and we’re experiencing a second wave of coronavirus infections. Not a great combo.

DUT examroom

Quite a few people have voiced their concerns to Wendy about employees in shops and restaurants not wearing their masks properly and making them feel unsafe.

And yes, many consumers don’t do their bit either - wearing masks with noses exposed, or as chin buffs are so loose and wafty on their faces, they may as well not bother. Engage with management if you feel unsafe - for all our sakes.

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This week, Wendy received an email from a Durban University of Technology (DUT) student, saying that students had been “forced” to go to campus to write tests and other assessments, but that no COVID-19 protocols were being followed - no social distancing, not enough sanitizers provided, and no screening. Watch the video below

Listen below for Wendy Knowler's input

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This morning, Thursday, 17 December 2020, the University COVID-19 Response Task Team, Student Representative Council (SRC) and University Management held a joint meeting to address the rising concerns over the University community’s safety during the second wave of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The meeting follows reports that were brought forward to the DUT Management, COVID-19 Response Task Team and SRC’s attention on Tuesday, 14 December 2020, that there are some members of the DUT community that are allegedly not adhering to the set strict COVID-19 guidelines and protocols set by the University and the National Department of Health.

At today’s urgent meeting all stakeholders present, agreed that the majority of assessments should continue to be conducted online. However, we noted that assessments that required laboratory practical and other requirements for contact sessions, strict measures would be in place. Prior to any assessment taking place at any of the University venues, the venue must be checked thoroughly to ensure that no member of the DUT community entering that venue is compromised in any way. It was also agreed that numbers at examination venues will be reduced to maximum of 100, in keeping with the legislation and size of the venues in general. Furthermore, should anyone be found not adhering to any of the COVID-19 regulations and protocols, a stringent fine will be imposed on them by Protection Services. The University will also have more security visible to monitor the situation and to assist in holding those who refuse to follow these guidelines and protocols, accountable.

It is to be noted that at this meeting all concerns brought forward by the SRC were noted and the Student body supported the approach taken by the DUT Management and the COVID-19 Response Task Team to address these concerns and risk mitigation plans to protect both Staff and Students from COVID-19.

This dedicated COVID-19 Response Task Team was established by DUT Management in March 2020, to specifically address all concerns raised by members of the entire DUT community. The COVID-19 Response Task Team has developed, implemented and monitored compliance with the Risk Mitigation measures to protect our Staff and Students from the COVID-19 infection.

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Between the beach closures and the second wave, you want to cancel your holiday.  Can you demand a full refund?

Many of South Africa’s prime beaches are closed, either for the entire festive season or several prime days of it. And that, coupled with heightened coronavirus fears, have many people cancelling their holiday accommodation bookings - they’re asking Wendy if they’re entitled to a full refund.

Would you expect a refund if the weather forecast for the entire duration of your beach holiday was rainy?  

LISTEN here to Wendy’s explanation of hotel and guest house owner’s rights versus consumer rights in this latest twist in the story of how Covid is messing with the country’s travel plans, as well as her investigation into the DUT issue.

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