Student stages kidnapping during online class

Student stages kidnapping during online class

The strange things some people will do to get out of class.

Student stages kidnapping during online class

With many people working from home, students attending online classes and writing online exams because of the global pandemic, we see many funny and somewhat strange videos. 

However, a video of a kidnapping is not something anyone expects to see.

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In an attempt to skip class, a student (who was identified as Tyler) resolved to stage his own abduction with the help of his friends. 

A video that has been doing the rounds on social media shows a professor conducting an online class, while a group of students listen to him. In the midst of all this, masked 'intruders' barge into one of the frames (which is Tyler's home) and kidnap him.

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Watch below:

After many comments, and the video being widely shared on social media, the boy admitted to staging the whole incident.

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IMAGE CTEDIT: Twitter/screenshot

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