Start your day with these five things from Darren, Keri, and Sky

Start your day with these five things from Darren, Keri, and Sky

It's a new week and Darren, Keri, and Sky want you to be informed!

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1. Kanye West doesn't qualify to be on presidential ballot in Wisconsin

The rapper has been barred from the presidential ballot in the battleground state of Wisconsin after missing a filing deadline by a mere 14 seconds. This comes after West and his team filed a lawsuit against the elections commission which he lost after the judge ruled in favour of the commission.

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2. The National Funeral Practitioners Association of SA (Nafupa) calls for nationwide total shutdown

Muzi Hlengwa, the head of the National Funeral Practitioners of South Africa (Nafupa), announced that the funeral industry will shutdown for three days starting Monday, 14 September, until Wednesday, 17 September. Hlengwa said that there will be no removal of any dead bodies, whether someone dies at home or at a hospital. He also added that there will be no funerals conducted and all of their offices and mortuaries will be closed. This, according to Hlengwa, is to protest the government giving contracts to handle major state funerals and other COVID-19-related work to conglomerates

3. Millionaire dies before saying where he hid treasure in the mountains

When Forrest Fenn died at his home in New Mexico on Monday, the eccentric millionaire collector left hundreds of adventurers frustrated, as he never really revealed the fate of a treasure chest he hid in the Rocky Mountains about a decade ago. Instead, he hid cryptic clues in a 24-line poem and his autobiography 'The Thrill of the Chase', resulting in a search which saw 350,000 seekers from around the world descend on the national park and five men die during their searches.

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4. Postcard arrives in mailbox 100 years later

Imagine going through your mail and amid your regular bills and junk mail you come across a postcard that had been mailed almost 100 years ago. Crazy, right? At first, Brittany Keech did not pay attention to the card, but later took a look when she remembered that postcards are now obsolete. This was the case for a Michigan woman who got the surprise of her life when she found a postcard dated October 1920 and she shared it on social media with hopes of finding the family of the recipient or sender.

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5. EFF and Unilever have reached an agreement over Clicks' controversial advert

After much back and forth, social media outrage and protests at Clicks outlets, Unilever has accepted the ad campaign was racist and offensive. It's agreed to pull TRESemmé products off shelves for 10 days. It will also donate 50,000 sanitary towels and sanitiser to informal settlements identified by the EFF.

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