Spoiler alert: Sky reveals how he would propose to his girlfriend

Spoiler alert: Sky reveals how he would propose to his girlfriend

The month of love is upon us and at the office, many are definitely feeling in the mood with all the matchmaking and wedding planning going on. Sky decided to share the idea of an important event with us.

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Yes! Sky shared how he would go down on one knee and ask his significant other to be Mrs Tshabalala. His perfect proposal would definitely include a helicopter. 

He says that they will definitely be on holiday, possibly Mozambique for the weekend, but it will be planned. He will get a private helicopter to a romantic island just off Mozambique. As they fly over the place, when she looks down there will be a bed of roses shaped into a heart.

When they land, there will be a photographer somewhere in the bushes to capture everything. Family and friends will be there as well, hiding somewhere. He would then give her roses and tell her to walk towards the giant rose petal heart.

As they enter the heart, he will give her a countdown and tell her not to turn around to look at him until the countdown is over. When she turns around to look at Sky, he will be down on one knee asking the most important question of his life.

"Will you marry me?" 

And when she says "yes", family and friends will come out to congratulate them whilst the photographer captures everything.

The rest is history.

Not going to lie, that is one lucky girl...

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