Social media reacts to 50,000 litres of wine "going to waste"

Social media reacts to 50,000 litres of wine "going to waste"

Tweeps do not understand how anyone could be taking a video of this phenomenon instead of grabbing a glass, a jug or even a bucket and heading for the tank.

Wine spillage in Spain

It’s never a pretty sight seeing food or drinks go to waste, so witnessing 50,000 litres of red wine gushing out onto the floor is a distressing sight for many.

This was the case on social media when a video that was shot at a warehouse in Spain, showing a torrent of red wine bursting out of a large tank like a gushing river, was shared.

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Local reports suggest that the horrendous spill, which surely cost the vineyards thousands of euros, occurred when one of the steel tanks broke. Considering that a standard bottle of wine is 0.75 litres, and 50,000 litres were lost in this event, approximately 66,667 bottles of red wine have gone to waste... 

And THAT was upsetting for many social media users!

"A TRAGEDY, A TRAGEDY," one tweep replied. While another simply said, "It hurts." 

Check out some of the funny reactions.

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IMAGE CREDIT: Screenshot/Twitter

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