Snakebites: the do's and don't's

Snakebites: the do's and don't's

Snakebites are extremely painful, and today in Snake Rescue Extra, seasoned snake rescuer Nick Evans warns us about the different types of snakes as well as the severity of their bites.

Mozambique Spitting Cobra
A snakebite is something the majority of people fear. It is listed as a neglected tropical disease by the World Health Organization, and affects thousands upon thousands of people throughout Africa each year.

"In Africa, we have almost 20 000 people die per year, but many more are left with permanent damage. Some people lose a finger, some people lose a hand or more. Some are left with terrible scarring," Nick Evans explains.

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In this podcast, Nick discusses how bites happen; snakebites in KwaZulu-Natal; what to do and what not to do in the event of a snakebite, and more!  Listen below.

Snake bite
Mozambique Spitting Cobra bite scars
Snake bite
Nick Evans

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Nick's organisation, KwaZulu-Natal Amphibian and Reptile Conservation, is a chapter of The Lawrence Anthony Earth Organisation.

Contact Nick on 072 809 5806 for information about snake removals. Email him if you'd like to find out about his educational talks.

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