Black Mamba in stables - where's Nick Evans?

Black Mamba in stable storeroom - where's Nick Evans?

During Lockdown Level 3, Snake Rescue's Nick Evans received a call to help retrieve a Black Mamba from a storeroom in some horse stables on the KZN North Coast. It was to be a difficult, and dirty rescue operation.

Black Mamba in horse stables
Nick Evans
A large storage area full of big boxes and all sorts of things for a snake to hide under or behind-not an ideal situation for a snake catcher, but a great place for a Black Mamba!

Nick had lots to move at these stables. It was hard work in hot weather!

"The mamba was trying its best to stay hidden away from me, showing how these snakes would rather avoid conflict than have it," says Nick.

Listen to the full story in the podcast below.

Westville mamba in garage roof
Nick Evans

Meanwhile, in another Snake Rescue call, Nick Evans went to remove a Black Mamba from garage roof on a Westville property (pictured above).

The garage roof provided warmth and shelter, and probably the odd rat for the snake. And in the water drains below, along the roadside, were an abundance of Dassies, whose young are a favorite meal for Black Mambas. The property also had a nature reserve in the back yard.

All in all, prime mamba habitat.

However, not everyone wants a Black Mamba in the garage roof, and so it had to go. But it wasn't going to go easy, as Nick was to discover!

Listen to the details in the podcast below.

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Main image courtesy of Nick Evans

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