Slithering into the weekend! 'Snake City' visits East Coast Breakfast

Slithering into the weekend! 'Snake City' visits East Coast Breakfast

Simon Keys and Siouxsie Gille star in the popular serpent series 'Snake City', as seen on Nat Geo Wild - and they love what they do! 

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What started off with catching frogs, newts, and lizards on the weekends turned into a passion he does for a living. Simon Keys' love for animals stemmed from a young age. He was always intrigued by shows which aired on Nat Geo, like the ones hosted by the legendary Steve Irwin. 

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Filmed in Durban, 'Snake City' has already notched up six seasons and has been flighted in 117 countries. The impact on human attitudes towards snakes has been profound. The series has resulted in more and more people phoning for a snake catcher, instead of simply killing the snake.

With over 2,500 successful catches between them, Simon and Siouxsie Gille are passionate about the planet’s creatures and simply love what they do. Simon and Siouxsie have a home in Hertfordshire, England where he grew up and spends every six months. Viewers were shocked to find out that they not only share their house with each other but with 80 other snakes!

'Snake City', as seen on Nat Geo Wild, is used as a platform to educate the public on these serpents whilst leaving viewers at the edge of their seats. 

The duo walked into the studio with a massive slithery surprise for the team which you don't want to miss, you can see it here:

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