Snack heist: Toddler pretends to be sleeping when caught stealing

Snack heist: Toddler pretends to be sleeping when caught stealing

Two-year-old Amala was not willing to let go of the fruit snack she had "stolen" from the cupboard when she was caught red-handed.

Toddler seeping upright

As kids we've all tried to get out of a predicament by doing something that we thought made sense at the time - including pretending to be sleeping. But, have you ever tried sleeping upright? 

Two-year-old Amala tried her luck with her grandmother, Christine Vaughn, when she was caught stealing her favourite fruit snack from the cupboard. Not willing to let go of the packet of snacks she obviously had been salivating over, the little girl decided that she would stop, shut her eyes and keep quiet - all of this in an upright position.

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Come to think of it, she thought that if she could not see her grandmother, her grandmother would not see her; which is absolutely adorable.

In the video, grandma Christine can be heard saying: "Amala, put it back... I don't care if your eyes are closed, put the snacks back in the cabinet, Amala."

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The hilarious video went viral on social media, garnering over five-million views on Twitter. Twitter users hailed Amala a cute and smart girl.

Watch the funny video below:

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