#SmoothiesInTheCity: Darren joins Simon and Siouxsie for the ultimate smoothies

#SmoothiesInTheCity: Darren joins Simon and Siouxsie for the ultimate smoothies

The wait is finally over! We've been talking about it for weeks. We've even shown you snippets and it is finally here!

Smoothies In The City
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Darren loves his smoothies, and we know you do too, so when he met Simone and Siouxsie from 'Snake City', he wanted to know exactly which smoothies they enjoy.

You've seen Darren make the coolest most delicious smoothies, in fact, they are so cool that even the names were cool and musically inspired.

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This time, Darren, along with Simon and Siouxie from NATGeo's 'Snake City', explore and have fun with a number of recipes and give them snake-inspired names. 

So, after weeks of planning, we finally have the first episode of our three-part series:

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Catch up with moments from the latest edition of Darren, Keri, and Sky below:

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