Sky's mom finally finds out about his big move

Sky's mom finally finds out about his big move

Sky Tshabalala made an the announcement last week that he is finally moving out. Darren and Keri even made cases as to why he should live with them, but he failed to do one thing - tell his mom!

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Listen to the podcast or read the details below:

At 27, Sky finally decided to move out of his parents' home and into his own place. Darren and Keri were so thrilled that they even made lists as to why he should move in with them.

From endless days of playing Fortnite to watching sport all the time, Darren thinks Sky should be his roommate. Keri believes they should be roommates because her house always has a 'cold one' in the fridge.

The one person Sky forgot to tell about his big move was his mom. Darren took it upon himself to call her.

You won't believe how she reacted. Listen to the podcast to get the scoop. 

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