Sky's list of people who can keep the land

Sky's list of people who can keep the land

Julius Malema recently said a certain musician could keep the land, so Sky decided to make his own list!

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East Coast Radio

So that got Sky thinking. If he was given the power to allow people to keep the land, who would be on his list?

Take a listen to Sky's list of who can keep the land below:

Notorious for being outrageously vocal on every platform, Julius Malema tweeted about a subject that's had people talking for the longest time... 'the land'.

He tweeted that Mi Casa's J'Something would be allowed to keep the land under an EFF government.

Disclaimer: Of course, these three were just taking the mickey out of the situation. In the spirit of a good laugh, comment below on who you think would also be eligible for 'keeping the land'.

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