Sky Tshabalala: "I'm sorry East Coast Radio, I didn't mean to"

Sky Tshabalala: "I'm sorry East Coast Radio, I didn't mean to"

We all have those annoying habits that our colleagues can't handle. It's so bad, it makes you want to name and shame them. Sky Tshabalala is one of those colleagues at ECR. 

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Tapping of a pen, chewing with their mouth open, and even taking things from your desk - these are just some things that work colleagues do that make you want to call them out on their actions.

Darren, Keri, and Sky spoke about the things that they've experienced with co-workers. We also asked KZN what some of the disgusting habits which their co-workers do are.

There was no name and shaming done, but they did tell the team about the cringing things their colleagues do. What KZN didn't expect was what Darren did next.

Eating and drinking is strictly prohibited in the studio, but Sky did the unthinkable - and he was shamed for it.

Sky was publicly shamed for eating and drinking in the studio. Our big boss Zane sent an email shaming him for his wrongdoing. Check out a screenshot of the mail below:

zanes email shaming sky

We know Sky certainly won't do that again!

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