SEE: First moments of Shabababa with Shabapapa and Mama Clarise!

SEE: First moments of Shabababa with Shabapapa and Mama Clarise!

The team has a new addition to the family!  

Newborn baby

After the much-awaited arrival of Baby Archie, he is here! 

Yes, Sky Tshabalala and Clarise Pieterse were joined by the little Tshabs on Tuesday afternoon, the 25th of January 2022. 

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He graced the planet at 4:59 pm! Yes, that's right - a prime time baby! 

The couple were only expecting the baby on 8 February 2022, but the little one was just too eager to meet mom and dad. 

So he is here two weeks ahead of the estimated time. 

EXCLUSIVE: Sky and Clarise's official gender reveal video

Take a listen as Darren Maule and Keri Miller broke down the news as they kicked off the show this morning.

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Baby Archie weighed 3kg at birth, with a height of 51cm. 

We wish the first-time parents an amazing journey raising their son! 

Take a listen to the bad dad jokes Sky already had a few hours after baby's arrival: 

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And now finally have a look at our little 'Baby Archie' with mom and dad hours after he joined them on Earth.

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Main Image Courtesy: East Coast Radio 

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