Sky has revealed who his roommate is!

Sky has revealed who his roommate is!

After weeks of anticipation, Sky has finally revealed who he is moving in with!

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Shanice Pillay

Listen to the audio or read the details below: 

The moment arrived for Sky to announce who he is moving in with. Darren and Keri were on the edge of their seats waiting for either of their names to be called.

But it wasn't to be. Much to their disappointment, after weeks of convincing him to choose one of them, he went with someone else.

Gutted and heartbroken, Darren and Keri were eager to find out who his official roommate was. Sky announced that he will be moving in with his friend Craig.

Darren and Keri weren't happy. They took it as far as calling and questioning Craig to find out if he is the best roommate for Sky.

Did Craig pass the test? Listen to the podcast to find out.

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