Siv Ngesi revisits previously abandoned baby girl

Siv Ngesi revisits previously abandoned baby girl

Comedian and actor, Siv Ngesi revisited cute baby girl he had met last year at home in Cape Town. She is healthy and thriving 

Siv Ngisi
Twitter - @iamSivN

South African comedian, presenter, and actor, Siv Ngesi, had Twitter and Instagram in tears last year when he shared heart-wrenching photos of an abandoned baby girl who was found in a Bush.

Although Siv had mentioned that the little princess smiles and laughs nonstop, it was clear to see that she would need a lot of love and care as she was also covered in bite marks.

"I met this little princess this weekend, she was left in the bushes by her ‘mother’ and she was eaten by insects/animals! But she smiles and laughs nonstop, she stole my heart!” Siv had captioned the pictures last year.

Just over a year later and the little girl, who was only a few months old when she was found, is "healthy and thriving" - this according to the actor who updated his followers on Wednesday night about the progress of the baby.

She is currently in the care of Amy and Bonson Vos, a selfless couple at Nehemiah Safe House, a care facility in Cape Town.

"A passerby found her and immediately notified social services. They later got more information about her – such as that she’s a few month olds,” Amy had told YOU last year.

Amy and Bonson has other children in their care who have either been abandoned or come from abusive households. They work together with the department of social development, as their NPO is registered.

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