Single man adopts five siblings so they won't be separated

Single man adopts five siblings so they won't be separated

If you're looking for a real life hero, Robert Carter is your guy.

Man adopts 5 siblings

Being a parent can sometimes be the hardest job in the world, but being separated from your loved ones can just be as hard.

A man who understands separation is Robert Carter from Ohio, US, who was adopted at the age of 12; living apart from his eight siblings.

The 29-year-old man has been fostering three brothers since December 2018, and later discovered that they had been separated from their two sisters.

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Heartbroken by this revelation, he contacted the two girls' foster home and organised a reunion for them with their brothers.

"The kids saw each other and started hugging and crying and wouldn’t let go. That was the moment I said ‘okay I’m going to take all five’,” Carter was quoted as saying.

The adoption was formalised and he is now a father to Marionna, Robert Jr., Makayla, Giovanni, and Kiontae, who are between ages 4 to 10.

The story was shared on the official Twitter handle of the adoption and foster care system where Carter was praised for his decision. 

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IMAGE CREDIT: Twitter/Independent

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