Siblings do the strangest things

Siblings do the strangest things

Social media was abuzz when Nomzama Mbatha and influencer Lasizwe took pictures with Arthur Mafokate over the weekend.


Listen to the podcast or read the details below:

Arthur has been in the spotlight for abuse and sexual grooming. Nomzama and Lasiwe had to both justify their pictures with him after people weren't happy about it.

Nomzama recently changed her lifestyle and has become a feminist, and she was criticised on Twitter for her picture with Arthur. 

How is this relevant? Lasizwe is Khanyi Mbau's little brother, and she took to social media to apologise on his behalf.

We all have siblings who do things which we aren't necessarily proud of, and we hate to admit it, but we end up apologising for them. 

Darren had to know if KZN experiences the same issues with their siblings, and the response was epic. 

Read a few tweets about the shade that was thrown at Lasizwe and Nomzamo:

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