Should we still be telling children that Santa exists?

Should we still be telling children that Santa Claus exists in 2021?

Is the tradition and fantasy one we want to continue forever?

Santa Claus

Christmas has always been linked to a certain man who gives gifts during the season with his elves. It has been an ongoing tradition in the world for so many years, but should you continue with it? 

An Italian bishop reportedly shocked school children a few weeks ago when he shared that Santa Clause does not exist. 

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This was during an arts festival they had at the one of the catholic churches. Bishop Antonio Staglianò also shared that Santa's red costume had been chosen by Coca-Cola for publicity, Italian media reports.

Was he wrong for doing this? 

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It might make some of your children really confused and lost if you abruptly dropped the bomb like the bishop did. 

But what happens when they realise they had been living in a fantasy for so long? 

For most adults, they realised the truth only later when they were in their early teens that Father Christmas is not real.

Most seem to have no problem finding this out later on, but children differ now. 

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Continuing the story of the Italian bishop; the church shared an apology explaining that he was simply trying to underline the true meaning of Christmas.

This follows the many angry parents who heard that this had taken place.

He also said the comments had been aimed at highlighting the story of Saint Nicholas, the initial inspiration for the figure of Santa Claus, who was known for giving gifts to the poor.

We understand that parents want to be the ones to break the news to the children.

So it will be your story to tell and little heart to break as a parent...


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