Should we be expecting a third wave of COVID-19 cases?

Should we be expecting a third wave of COVID-19 cases?

World-renowned Prof Tulio de Oliveira is once again answering the most frequently asked questions about all things COVID-19.

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If you are a #ECRBreakfast fan, you'll know that since the start of the coronavirus pandemic the team has been keeping their finger on the pulse.

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They have been keeping you up to date on all things COVID-19 and they have even called in a bioinformatician and virologist to help keep you informed and educated.

Prof Tulio de Oliveira has been remotely joining the team, and he has happily been answering every single question we might have.

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He has covered everything from the get-go, and we couldn't have asked for a better guide throughout this pandemic!

Trust us when we say if you want to know absolutely anything about the virus, the vaccine, or anything else possibly COVID-19 related, then this is the podcast for you.

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While the number of coronavirus cases has been on a consistent decline, which is incredible news, most people are still suspicious.

And why wouldn't you be, seeing as how, for the past year, just as things have been seeming to improve and the light at the end of the tunnel creeps closer, something pops up and knocks us back down.

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People staying home, wearing masks, and sanitising? No, let's party because it's summer and start the second wave.

Today Prof Tulio is here to discusses whether or not we should be expecting a possible third wave.

And as a follow-up, he also chats about the vaccine rollout and whether or not the vaccine has had any effect on the coronavirus numbers yet.

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Take a listen to the podcast to make sure you don't miss anything important:

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