Shahan Ramkissoon gets real on East Coast Breakfast

Shahan Ramkissoon gets real on East Coast Breakfast

eNCA's anchor Shahan Ramkissoon is no stranger to South Africa, as he is well known for bringing the news to millions every day.

shahan ramkissoon

He recently came under fire on social media for the funniest reason. Many started questioning how he keeps himself looking so fresh, given that salons and hairdressers are closed. People called on the President to investigate the issue.

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He later revealed how he does it. Part one of his grooming process consists of him cleaning his beard with a barber's tool and a regular blade. The second part consists of the stylist at work cutting his hair.

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Once sharing that with the team, he spoke about his career and how lockdown has been treating him.

Find out more about Shahan in the podcast below: 

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