SEE: How to take make it look like you never watched a Netflix series

SEE: How to make it look like you never watched a Netflix series

Did you continue watching without the partner you started with? 

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If you ever feel like you just cannot wait for the person you started the series with, this is for you! 

Yes, have you ever begun a Netflix series with someone who visited your place once and you guys are now stuck on episode 3 of 10? Most people have the rule in relationships and friendships that you cannot continue the series without the other...

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Well, what happens if you have no other interest in terms of the movies or series on Netflix? 

You will have the urge to click on that 'Next Episode' button! 

This happened to a Twitter user, who then put the question out her fellow Twitter community: 

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Surprisingly, she received the ultimate trick from the NetflixSA account on Twitter! 

We are not saying go ahead and cheat on your friends or partners by continuing the series without them. 

We are simply sharing a trick that might come in handy one day if and when you do...

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It may take a few steps but if you give it some time you will be back to episode 1. 

Check this out: 

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And just like that, back to episode 1 like you never even started it! 

The least you can do is also share this with the next person, so that they can also pull this magic trick out when they need it! 

It's a pleasure...


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